Children’s Desk – Find good children’s desks


Children’s Desk – Find good children’s desks

Who would have thought that as soon as we get our children used to kindergarten, it’s time to go to school and you need a children’s desk. But it is during this time that parents – and the kindergarten – have to prepare and change a lot. A toddler desk in the living room or even on the kitchen table is good for crafts and drawing, but not for everyday use.

To help your child go to school and learn, a designated homework area is very useful. The easiest way to do this is to buy a learning desk, which can of course also be used by siblings and has various functions in the child’s everyday life. In our children’s desk comparison, you will find the winners of our children’s desk test and our guide to which desks are suitable for children, as well as the exact criteria that each product should meet.

We can recommend these children’s desks


The best children’s desk that grows with you

Are you looking for a chic, high-quality and practical desk for your offspring? Then how about the children’s desk from COSTWAY, for example. A tabletop made of MDF was used for the production of the desk. This fact makes the piece of furniture very resilient and durable. And that’s not all. The children’s desk grows with your child. Both the table and the chair are height-adjustable. In addition, the integrated drawers and hooks offer enough space for backpacks and school materials. A must-have for every child’s room!

The best desk for girls

The brand Inter Link has developed a real girl’s dream. We are talking about the school desk in pink. This fashionable piece of furniture makes writing, reading and calculating much easier. The desk itself measures 109 x 63 x 55, is height-adjustable and has an adjustable tabletop. Thanks to the integrated drawer and the anti-slip device, notebooks, books and pens are also well stored. The school desk from Inter Link has a high-quality finish and is an absolute eye-catcher in every girl’s room.

The best children’s desk with additional functions


A good children’s desk doesn’t have to be expensive. The 705 100 children’s desk from hjh OFFICE is a high-quality desk for children and young people at an attractive price-performance ratio. The desk itself measures 56 x 80 x 80 cm and is equipped with a variety of extras. For example, the height and inclination of the desk surface can be individually adjusted to your child. In addition, the desk offers plenty of space for notebooks, books, pens and the school bag. What more could you want?

The best electrically height-adjustable children’s desk

Young pupils need desks specially adapted for them. You can’t go wrong with the height adjustable desk from Robas Lund. The fashionable desk measures 118 x 62 and has a maximum load weight of 20 kg. Melmin decor (tabletop) and metal (frame) were used for the production. This fact makes the children’s desk high quality, robust and durable. You can adjust the height and the inclination of the piece of furniture individually to your child. Your children will enjoy doing their homework at the height-adjustable desk by Robas Lund.

5th place: CARO-Möbel corner children’s desk

A desk should ideally accompany your child for years. With the Helenavon CARO furniture children’s desk, this wish is within reach. The desk has a high-quality finish, is hard-wearing and equipped with a variety of practical details. With its size of 100 x 66 x 66 cm, the piece of furniture is ideal for writing, calculating, learning and painting. The tabletop has a fold-out strip, is equipped with practical plastic caps and can be individually adjusted to the needs of your child. The Helenavon CARO furniture children’s desk is a desk that grows with your child.

Briefly about the most important points

  • When school starts, it’s time to give your child a desk – their own workspace to help them with homework.
  • The best desks for kids are like drawing boards. Thanks to the folding top and adjustable height, you can adapt them to your child’s size and encourage healthy posture.
  • Most children’s desks are suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 17, so it’s worth investing in durable models. They are made of MDF (chipboard), wood and metal, so they are durable and easy to clean.

Advisor for children’s desks: Here’s what you should look for before buying

Children's desk craft paint play
A children’s desk is also ideal for painting and crafts

A child’s desk is more than just a piece of furniture in the room. It is important to provide a suitable place for homework and learning from the very beginning of school. Children’s desks teach young children how to sit from the very beginning – height-adjustable school desks are particularly suitable for this.

If your child’s desk is height-adjustable, you can adjust it to your child’s height. At the same time, your child’s desk should be adjustable – according to the magazine ÖKOTEST, a child’s desk with an adjustable seat can help prevent so-called headaches at school. Pupils do not have to lift their books and notebooks to write, but can sit down and raise them to eye level.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of a children’s desk

Below we briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of an adjustable children’s desk:

  • Ergonomic sitting
  • Ergonomic shape and adjustable seat
  • .

  • Can be adjusted to the child’s ergonomic posture
  • .

  • More expensive than conventional desk
  • .

What should I look for when buying a desk for my child?

Whether you want to buy a cheap kids desk for your child’s room or invest in a sturdy, durable model for your teenager: Even the best kids’ desk can affect your child’s concentration when doing homework. In the right environment, distractions can easily disappear. We recommend taking the opportunity to create a small space where your child can work. The following steps will help you achieve this even in the smallest of kindergartens:

  • Provide a large work and storage space with a bookshelf, mobile shelf or table.
  • Provide space for a bookcase, desk, movable shelf and bookcase.
  • Working materials need a fixed place – provide small boxes, pen holders and pencil cases.
  • Better mood: posters, photos and plants create a positive atmosphere.

When buying desks for children: what you should look out for



MDF, also known as particle board, is a particularly popular material in the children’s furniture category. Chipboard is not as strong as wood, but it is cheaper, lighter and easier to work with. Make sure that the boards are covered. Tests on children’s desks have shown that melamine is a scratch-resistant and extremely durable plastic that is easy to clean (e.g. the Moll desk) and is fireproof, which is ideal for a children’s desk. The MDF tabletop can be natural wood or white – most parents prefer white for children’s desks (e.g. the Paidi children’s desk).

If the children’s desk is white, it matches any colourful furnishing in the children’s room. Beech and birch are also very neutral and can easily be combined with the colours of their siblings. Pink, blue or another colour can be particularly useful if different siblings have their own desk. Remember that children often change their preferences, especially at this stage of development. A removable coloured sticker can be a good alternative to a coloured table. Untreated wooden furniture for a child’s room is a little harder to find, but has the advantage of creating a warm and natural atmosphere in the room. Varnished wood is particularly easy to maintain and clean.

The legs of the table are usually made of metal. Make sure that the table has no sharp edges.


If a children’s table is adjustable in height, the manufacturer usually gives two additional measurements: a minimum and a maximum height. This range is usually between 50 and 70 cm, so that you can use a height-adjustable children’s table without any problems even in your teens and into adulthood (e.g. a Kettler children’s table).

Cleaning the children’s desk

Furniture made of melamine is easy to clean with a damp cloth. A few drops of eucalyptus or tea tree oil can help with stains from pencils or similar objects.


A handy addition to your child’s desk is a shelf where you can organise and keep notebooks and similar items close at hand. The drawer keeps the dust out. A hook that can be attached to the school bag keeps things tidy and ensures that homework notebooks are always within reach. The built-in ruler is useful for drawing and maths.

What accessories are useful for children’s desks?

To make your child’s room and office child-friendly, it is useful to use additional children’s furniture that will make it easier for students. Here’s a quick guide to the most useful accessories.

Desk chair

If your desk is child-friendly, you can’t avoid an ergonomic desk chair for kids. Make sure that the seat and backrest can be adjusted in height. A high chair should have sturdy legs and be tip-proof. Manufacturers of office chairs include Moll, Kettler and Ikea.

Seat cushion

Especially if children are smaller, you may need a seat cushion to find the ideal seat height. The lower part with a Velcro fastener or rubber cover prevents the cushion from slipping.

Storage basket

The storage basket on wheels is included with the children’s table set or can be purchased separately, as it provides lots of extra storage space without taking up much room. If you buy a separate basket for the children’s table, make sure it matches the height of the table.

Desk lamp for children

A desk lamp is especially important if the child sits at the desk with his or her back to the light source. But even if daylight is not enough, good desk lighting can help prevent headaches and concentration problems. If the lamp has a movable head, you can adjust it to your needs.

Many manufacturers offer accessories for school desks – here you can combine all the elements with the children’s furniture. The colourful sets give your child’s room a special touch

More questions and answers about the children’s desk

What should I look for in a children’s desk?

When buying a desk for your child, you should make sure that they sit properly – an ergonomic posture helps to avoid bad posture, back and knee pain and eye problems. We have a checklist for you:

  • Elbows at desk height
  • .

  • Legs on the floor
  • .

  • The monitor should be at eye level and easy to reach
  • .

What does Stiftung Warentest say?

The last study of children’s desks by Stiftung Warentest took place in 06/2006. The winner was the Hülsta children’s desk, followed by the Moll desk in second place. The following factors were taken into account when testing the children’s desk: The desk does not contain any harmful substances, it is stable, safe and durable. The Hülsta Xpert C1 can withstand most loads. Children’s desks with a design fault were rated as weak: The top of the folding table was not properly attached.

What is the minimum width of a children’s desk?

There are no recommendations for the width of a children’s desk. First and foremost, the desk should fit well in the child’s room and provide enough space for a notebook, a book and writing utensils.

What is the best desk chair for children?

Near the desk in the children’s room there should be a chair on which the child can sit upright and comfortably. In the 05/2007 issue, Stiftung Warentest tested office chairs for adults, paying particular attention to harmful materials, durability and seating comfort. We recommend that you choose a chair according to these criteria. See also our office chair test.

Where will you best place the desk?

To find the right place for your child’s desk and chair, you need to find the best light source. It is best to place the desk near a window and visually separate it from the rest of the child’s or teenager’s room. Toys, TVs and similar items distract from learning and should be placed in another part of the room.


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