Finding the right pram: the most important information

Finding the right pram: the most important information

Finding the right pram

It is a crucial part of the first child’s equipment and often the first big investment. Most parents-to-be consider HIM when buying a pram for their child – and not without reason.

Both parents want to be involved, much like when buying a car. When choosing the ideal pram, factors such as features and accessories are just as important as style, practicality and safety. It’s important not to rush the choice. Our online guide to pushchairs is packed with useful information to help you make your decision.

The decision-making process is complicated by the abundance of pram models that are available in a wide variety of designs. And you have to decide which model in this pram jungle best suits your needs and lifestyle. With our online pram guide, we want to show you the way and make the decision process easier.

Think about your own needs

Given the wide variety, it is advisable to take your time and consider your purchase thoroughly. Please consult our pushchair guide if you have any questions that need clarification. We advise you to consider your personal requirements as well as the experiences of friends, acquaintances or your own family when looking for the ideal pram.

Before you buy a pram, we advise you to get the answers to some important questions so that you can make the best decision. We have compiled these queries for you.

Do you want to use a baby carrier or sling in addition to the pram?

A pushchair should suit you and your lifestyle, so think carefully before you buy.

You can find a wide selection in our online SHOP at Below we list the most popular pram models and define the most important terms to help you decide. Take the time to read through our online pram guide to get the most important information.

The carrycot is the heart of the stroller

Modern prams were often introduced with carrycots for a while, but the carrycot/fixed carrycot is popular again. Because the hard carrycot is much more stable than the soft carrycot, many parents deliberately choose it. It also allows their offspring to lie on a flat surface and is absolutely dimensionally stable. The carrycot varies in size and shape from pram to pram. At you will only find models that guarantee your child maximum comfort. All the pushchairs we sell are combination models. This means that they include both a pram attachment and a carrycot.

The ideal size

The size of a good carrycot should be just right. In winter, you should be able to comfortably rock your baby to sleep with a warm footmuff. In the heat, size also plays an important role. The proportions of the carrycot should allow sufficient air circulation. If this is not the case, your little treasure will start to sweat. In the first months of life, babies are not yet able to regulate their own body temperature. All our carrycots are spacious so that your child doesn’t feel uncomfortable and can spend a lot of time in the bath.

Suitable padding

Another important part of a carrycot is the padding. To make sure your infant feels completely comfortable, the carrycot should have lovely soft padding. The carrycots in our online shop are all padded with 100% cotton. From the choice of materials to the workmanship, you can rely on the best quality. As a rule, you will use the carrycot until your child can sit independently. This is usually the case from the sixth month. Our prams are designed so that the carrycot seat can be quickly attached to the carrycot.

Is price a decisive factor when buying a pushchair?

The pushchair market offers a wide variety of different types of pushchairs in different price ranges, just like other “car/vehicle” markets. Price does not always have to be the deciding factor in whether or not you buy a particular model.

Extras or unique features that the particular model has to offer often make the difference. The materials used, a unique design, distinctive designs on the outer covers, a variety of pram accessories, a unique frame construction, etc. are often decisive.

When buying a pram, cost is also an important consideration. There are not always expensive and cheap prams, but rather those with a reasonable price-performance ratio. Because it has several attachments and can easily be converted into a pram, a combination pram is often used for a very long time. That’s why it can cost a little more than, for example, a conventional pram.

Of course, you should consider the following: It can be difficult to order extras such as tyres, matching carrycots, canopies or other pram parts for particularly inexpensive models. Spare parts and additional accessories can be purchased quickly and easily in our online shop.

What should be possible in a pram?

The pram should be a constant helper and make your life much easier. When buying a pushchair, you should look out for the following:

Generous lying surface

The pram should have a large, ideally flat, lying surface. In the first six months, your baby can’t sit up by himself yet, so the pram should be the perfect place for him to sleep.
A cosy winter sleeping bag should fit in the carrycot and provide enough space. In the summer months, the carrycot must be well ventilated so that your child does not sweat excessively.

Pushchair with large lying surface and carrycot or carrycot
Decent suspension

With a well-tuned suspension, both the child and the person pushing are comfortable.

Telescopic suspension and stowability of pushchairs

Stowability refers to the pram’s ability to be folded properly and transported easily. The boot of your car should be able to accommodate your pushchair so that you still have flexibility.

Tyres folded in the frame
Fabric cover

The fabric cover should be made of durable, low-impact, easy-to-clean, water- and stain-resistant material. The outer fabric should offer UV protection and not fade in the sun. UV50+ technology can absorb more than 50% of ultraviolet rays.

Some prams contain materials that have been specially impregnated to repel water. This means that drops of water simply roll off the fabric instead of soaking into it.

Thick padding on the reclining surface of the carrycot or sport seat

Make sure that the padding on the lying surface is thick enough so that the infant cannot see the frame struts, brackets or screw heads under the seat or lying surface.

a pushchair with a spacious seat and soft padding
Wheels with a large diameter

The wheel diameter should be as large as possible. Wheels that are too small make it difficult to push the pram over uneven terrain and transfer vibrations to the child. Therefore, it is ideal to buy a pram with large wheels so that the baby feels comfortable on a long visit to the park, café or relatives and the child sleeps as well in the pram as at home.

The overall length of the pushchair

The length of the pusher is crucial for a smooth gait. If it is too short, you will run into the axle or brake linkage with every step. There are telescopic sliders that are adjustable in length and so-called “bent sliders” that are adjustable in height.

No jagged edges

The parts that are built into the carrier bags to reinforce the side walls should not have any sharp edges or corners, as these could damage the inner lining of the carrier bag and injure the children.


Check the stability of the pushchair and the frame before buying. The weight of the pram obviously has a big impact on stability. The heavier the frame, the more stable it is on the ground. The pram cannot fall over!

The days when a pram was a great means of transport for babies and toddlers are long gone. In today’s market, parents-to-be have a wide range of options to choose from when looking for the ideal pram. But which choice is the right one? With our pram guide, we hope to help. Although most people think of “prams” as station wagons and buggies, they also include joggers, shoppers, etc.

What does a pram actually do?

Babies and toddlers can be transported in a pushchair either lying down or sitting up. Depending on the type and model of pram, it can be used from your baby’s first day of life up to about 3 years (maximum 15 kg) or 4 years (maximum 22 kg).

Two-piece pushchairs: 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 SET: We explain!

Among the most popular models on the market are the combination prams. They are adaptable, useful and very popular with most parents-to-be. As soon as the child can sit up independently at the age of 6 to 7 months, they are a comfortable rolling reclining seat (pram; also called sports seat or buggy). Initially they are a comfortable recliner (a frame with a carrycot/also called a carrycot). A typical combination pram has two or three accessories that simply attach to the frame of the pram:

  • For babies aged 0 to 6 months, you use a carrycot or carrycot.
  • Sling or carrycot
  • .

  • Buggy seats, also known as pram seats, are only suitable for children who can sit down by themselves. (from about 6-7 months)
    Pram with sport seat
  • Car seat with adapter, with which you can secure your child in the vehicle and attach it to the frame of the pushchair
  • .

  • Car seat for use in the car or for attachment to the frame of the pushchair
  • .

  • Isofix station: for use with the One-Click system to secure the car seat in the vehicle
  • .

Specially made adapters are included with the infant carrier. Parents who frequently drive with their infant do not have to transfer the infant separately. The infant carrier is simply mounted on the pram frame after it has been unbuckled.

A combination pram is often more expensive to buy, but has a longer lifespan because it can usually be used until the child is three years old. Meanwhile, there are also models that can be used up to the age of 4. However, it should be noted that very few children still want to sit in a pram at this age (from 3 or 4 years).

The classics: a closer look at the classic prams

We want to help you with your decision-making by providing some information in our online pram guide. There is a basic difference between CLASSIC and MODERN single prams (one pram for one child).

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